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Dear All
Many of you are asking about the Italian situation with Coronavirus and what can happen to Bra Festival of July.

At the moment we are quite lucky as in our area up to now, only one infected person is counted.  Seen what happened in other regions and Countries, we suppose  the number will  increase in few days or weeks, here and  all over the world.
Luckily our Government is not waiting and has taken strong decisions to delay or stop the virus expansion and  to support the medical authiorities   increasing the number of intensive therapy wards to treat with intensive care  the infection for the percentage of infected people with breathing problems. As you surely know, these are mostly people with preexisting problems (  cardio, lungs, diabetis).
Unfortunately the world  medical organization  say that the vaccine won't be ready  before 12 months from now so, we must take care , but when the crisis will bo over, also continue our life.
Yesterday our government took more restrictive rules. All Italian territory  is under close control minimum till 5 April, and they will continue until the spread of the virus will be stopped.
In Italy now we can't go out out of our town without a clear reason ( work, ealth, emergency)  all sport and social activities have been stopped  shops will be open during the day for daily shopping and bar/restaurants have to close at 18.00. Theatres, cinemas and Museums were already closed or entrances limited. Respect of rules is controlled by police forces.
I don't think we'll have problem for our tournament in Bra because we have more than three months in front of us, and people and Nations will be organized to protect themselves from the coronavirus.
My opinion is that  our government is doiyng a good job, and I hope other governements will learn from the Italian and Chinese experience and may be fight  this virus even in a better way than us.
We'll keep you informed about the evolution of the situation in Italy .
Tks and regards
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